Inspecting Your Standing Rigging

I hate to say it, but I've been on more than one boat where standing rigging has failed. In both cases, they failed at a point where routine inspection may have revealed a problem. I say "may" because in some of today's modern fittings you just can't see what is going on. Press-fit fittings hide... Continue Reading →

Boat Bathroom (AKA Marine Head)

Boat Bathroom (AKA Marine Head) There is possibly fewer more important systems on a sailboat than the bathroom. In nautical terms it is the "Marine Head." Modern marine heads are simple to operate but to be a competent sailor, one should know how they work so that it can be repaired in the event that... Continue Reading →

How to Manage a Junior Racing Fleet

In our post about Kids and Sailing, we talked about the merits of sailing as a sport for kids. Some kids will want the racing path. How do we manage that responsibly as parents though? I know I don't want to just throw my kid out to race during the regular race season with no supervision.... Continue Reading →

Sailboat Charter Checkout

For a lot of us, chartering a sailboat is the best way to go out and get our sailing fix and prove to ourselves we are competent sailors. Whether you are going to go sail the BVI or the Channel Islands, getting on a boat that you don't have the full mechanical history for and may... Continue Reading →

AIS – Not Just for Big Boats Any More

We all know that keeping watch for other vessels and “objects” in the water is one of the basic requirements of good seamanship, whether you’re out on the lake, bay, coastal cruising or making a trans-Atlantic passage.  It’s my 2nd Rule of Sailing, “Don’t hit anything!” (1st Rule: Keep everyone on the boat!). For centuries... Continue Reading →

Sailing the Southern Ocean

I love racing sailboats, but this video (among a whole slew of others) has pretty much convinced me that I will probably NEVER sail the Southern Ocean. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Bow and Stern Mooring

As you enjoy the cruising lifestyle, part of the fun is visiting new destinations. When visiting a new harbor, you should always check the local cruising guides and the harbor's website for information on their particular procedures. At Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island California they use what is known as a Bow and Stern mooring system.... Continue Reading →

Velocity Made Good (VMG)

Velocity Made Good (VMG) If you've been reading my posts on Sailboat Racing, you have probably figured out that in sailing, you very often wind up going not going straight at the place you want to arrive. Even when cruising, there is a measure of "cautious" navigation that may over-correct for leeway or current when... Continue Reading →

Sailing Croatia

So I'm feeling the need to go big boat sailing today. A little longing for a nice cruise. Here's a video of some sailing off the Dalmatia Coast in what is probably the off season based on their attire, but based on the number of sailboats in the video, maybe not!

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