Environmental Impacts of Sailing

Because we turn off our motors as often as we can, most sailors think of our sport as pretty environmentally friendly. I would agree in principle, but challenge everyone to do more.Sailing events from your local beer can races to full on national regattas have impact. Single use plastics, engine exhaust, fouled bilge water, black... Continue Reading →


  Everyone knows Plastic Pollution is a problem for our oceans and waterways (yes...lakes and rivers too!) Now the American Sailing Association (ASA) has decided to jump into the middle of the fight against plastics. Operation Plastic Pollution Purge is underway! The goal is simple. Come back with more plastic than you left with! Take... Continue Reading →

RS21 – A J70 and Viper 640 Competitor

A new competitor in the 19-21' sport-boat space has come out of the UK. Earlier this year RS Sailing launched it's new club racing keel-boat the RS21. With dead simple rigging but a modern design and asymmetrical spinnaker, it is a great entry into the sport-keel-boat space. And at about half the price of a J70, it's... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July!

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their support of Desert Wind Sailboats thus far this year. The re-launch that we did at the beginning of 2018 has been really successful and we look forward to even better things to come for the rest of the year.Even with all of her flaws,... Continue Reading →

20 Best Places to Cruise

Sitting at my desk today I had a bit of a longing for cooler temps and blue water. Here is a great list of 20 of the best Cruising Destinations in the world...but what are your favorites? Put them in the comments below!

Match Racing Video Series – Leeward Mark and Finishing

Coming out of the leeward mark we immediately begin working our upwind tactics again. How you round is largely a matter of whether or not you are overlapped with your opponent. Match racing finishes downwind under spinnaker and if you and your opponent are well matched, it is usually very exciting!

Long Beach Race Week Day 2 Highlights

Team Cactus League raced the Catalina 37s for Long Beach Race week. We get to have fun with these about once a year. They were custom built and donated by Frank Butler and Catalina Yachts for the Congressional Cup  and are operated by the Long Beach Sailing Foundation. When they are not being raced for... Continue Reading →

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