Major Move by Oracle for Olympic Sailing!

Amazing opportunity for Olympic Sailing as Oracle signals a sea change in how Olympic Sailing is managed. Oracle is donating it's America's Cup "Container Village" to US Sailing as their new Olympic Training Center. In 10 years, only 10 years, the Olympics return to Los Angeles. If it’s your job to put the United States on top in medals... Continue Reading →

Where have we been?

Rob Gibbs, US Sailing Instructor, ASA Sailing Instructor Or more importantly, where are we going? If you've been following Desert Wind Sailboats, you know we have gone through some iterations. The last one, with a full retail store, helped us understand that even though running a retail store about sailing was "sailing related" it was... Continue Reading →

Does Your Boat Favor One Tack?

My first sailboat was a Buccaneer 18. We had a great racing fleet here in the Phoenix Arizona area and there was a pretty good amount of "local knowledge" about the boat. I began to notice that I seemed to do really well upwind on starboard tack, but was loosing on port tack. After doing... Continue Reading →

Downwind Laser Body Position

The downwind used to be considered the "resting" leg. Not so in the Laser. Here is a great video from the International Sailing Academy on how to use your body position and steering to go faster downwind.

Gunboat 66 Extreme H20 Walkthrough

I don't generally believe in a "Racer/Cruiser" but if you are into big catamarans, the Gunboat 66 really comes close. With racing features like big retractable daggerboards, huge B&G instruments, and sail controls led to a central position that is not the helm so crew can work without getting in the way of the helmsman... Continue Reading →

Hull Shape – Why so Beamy?

Hull Shape - Why so Beamy? Sailboat design is going through another revolution, and it's a beamy one. The modern sailboat seems to be skinny and upright with a fine entry up front, then carries her beam well aft. What do I mean by this?Traditionally, the widest point of a boat had been near the... Continue Reading →

Knots and What Knot

One of the most useful skills on a boat is being able to tie the right knot for a situation (or whatever knot the skipper asks for!) Think you know enough? My favorites are: Bowline Cleat Hitch Round Turn with Two Half Hitches Clove Hitch Barrel Knot Go get a piece of line and check... Continue Reading →

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