Check Under the Tape!

As you are doing seasonal checks of your boat, here is a gentle reminder to dig in a little. Remove the rigging tape and look for this one...When you turn the wire around that hard, it un-lays a bit and is one if the first places to look for failure.Happy sailing!

Starting Practice

Had a great time this week doing Starting Practice with a couple of the Juniors taking the Arizona Sailing Foundation Performance Sailing Class! It was fun to watch the two of them go at it!

Major Move by Oracle for Olympic Sailing!

Amazing opportunity for Olympic Sailing as Oracle signals a sea change in how Olympic Sailing is managed. Oracle is donating it's America's Cup "Container Village" to US Sailing as their new Olympic Training Center. In 10 years, only 10 years, the Olympics return to Los Angeles. If it’s your job to put the United States on top in medals... Continue Reading →

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