Warm Weather Sailing Clothing

It may come as no surprise that here at Desert Wind Sailboats we do a lot of warm (hot) weather sailing. The sailing clothing you choose for warmer climes is just as important as the layers you choose for the cold. The sun and the spray have no mercy in the heat of summer. Here... Continue Reading →

PFD – An Honest Discussion

We all know that kids have to wear their PFD while they are on a boat. And we know that adults should also wear theirs too, but we don't. The best advice is to wear it. Period. However, I know that for any of a number of reasons, you won't. So let's discuss this like... Continue Reading →

Yes, You Can Call Me “Captain!”

Author: USCG OUPV Captain Emory Heisler - http://www.swsailing.com/  Sure, we throw the word “Captain” around a little loosely in the boating community.  I mean, one way to achieve the title of “Captain” is to buy a boat, invite some friends aboard and declare yourself “Captain.” Aye! Aye! Captain!  If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably already... Continue Reading →

Kids “Learn to Race” Class

I'm very fortunate to be able to teach a great group of kids how to race here in the Phoenix area. Most of them came up through our Optimist program and are now with us learning the rules of the road, how to start races, and how to go upwind and downwind effectively.We do give... Continue Reading →

Sailing Clothing – Bottoms

This should be an easier topic to discuss than it is, but here we are talking about the sailing clothing to keep your backside warm and dry, and the number of choices and the terminology can make it a little overwhelming. For this discussion, I'm going to skip the neoprene genre in lieu of a... Continue Reading →

Cruising Bahamas – a Video

This is a pretty informative video about cruising a sailboat in the Bahamas specifically in and around many of the deserted islands and keys/cays. This is not updated post-2017 Hurricane season, but it gives you an idea of how remote even the heavily traveled Bahamas can be.

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