The Mainsheet Traveler Demystified

In most sailing classes, even the Bareboat Charter class, there is very little emphasis put on the Traveler. The traveler is one of my favorite parts of the rigging. When cruising you can use it to make life comfortable for everyone on board. When racing, it is crucial to understand your set up and how... Continue Reading →

Desert Wind Sailboats ASA 101 Instructor

Today is some shameless self-promotion. Wanted to let everyone know that I was certified as an ASA 101 Instructor last weekend in Marina Del Rey, CA. The course was a challenging evaluation of teaching skills, sailing knowledge, and practical sailing ability. It was great to have gotten to take the course with and learn from... Continue Reading →

Bareboat Chartering

A lot of the new sailors I talk to got into sailing so they could charter a sailboat somewhere like the BVI and make their own adventure. There are a lot of tips about this out there, but here are ours.Planning is key. Planning routes and destinations, then alternate routes and destinations, will give you... Continue Reading →

Learning to Sail

However you get the itch to learn how to sail, there are some common pathways to learning the art of sailing. We talked in our post "Should I Take a Sailing Class" about the different courses typically available, and that is certainly a good place to start if you can work it out, but sometimes those... Continue Reading →

Sailing and Leadership

As you develop your sailing skills and become a more competent sailor, people will begin to look to you as a leader. Not only on the boat but off the boat in your sailing community as well. When you get a crew together, even just one other person to race a small dinghy, you are... Continue Reading →

Sailboat Rigging – It’s in the Details

If you have helped assemble a dinghy in your club parking lot, hauled in the sheets on a cruiser, or ground the pedestal on a big race boat, you've participated in making changes to a boat's rigging. Even to seasoned veteran sailors, the intricacies of rigging can be mysterious. Terms like swage, nicropress, and splice all... Continue Reading →

Best Wind Forecast Sources

Before sailing, checking the weather forecast is an absolute must for any good sailor. If you just ask Alexa to tell you what the weather is, you don't usually get the most important piece of information you need though, which is wind information. If you are just going for a daysail or even a coastal... Continue Reading →

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