Bow and Stern Mooring

As you enjoy the cruising lifestyle, part of the fun is visiting new destinations. When visiting a new harbor, you should always check the local cruising guides and the harbor's website for information on their particular procedures. At Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island California they use what is known as a Bow and Stern mooring system.... Continue Reading →

Velocity Made Good (VMG)

Velocity Made Good (VMG) If you've been reading my posts on Sailboat Racing, you have probably figured out that in sailing, you very often wind up going not going straight at the place you want to arrive. Even when cruising, there is a measure of "cautious" navigation that may over-correct for leeway or current when... Continue Reading →

Sailing Croatia

So I'm feeling the need to go big boat sailing today. A little longing for a nice cruise. Here's a video of some sailing off the Dalmatia Coast in what is probably the off season based on their attire, but based on the number of sailboats in the video, maybe not!

Types of Rope

"There is no rope on a boat, only line." This is a fun phrase often heard by new sailors but it is only partly true. Rope is cordage that has not yet been given a job. Once you rig it to do something, it is considered line and usually given a specific name. Any rigging... Continue Reading →

Best Cruising Sailboats

I'm going to apologize right now. If you are looking for a list of the best cruising boats, you've got the wrong post. Choosing a cruising sailboat is like choosing a good pair of shoes. They have to be comfortable and they have to function in the way that you needs them to function. Similarly,... Continue Reading →

Waterproof Sailing Clothing

Layering is key when sailing. You have to have the right number and type of layers to be comfortable, right down to your skivvies. None of that will matter much though if it gets soaked in a squall or from hiking out while splashing through cold waves. In your sailing clothing kit bag, you need... Continue Reading →

Putting the Upwind Leg Together

We've talked about the Start Line, and how it can be skewed and how a wind shift affects it. And we've talked about being in phase with the shifts up the course. So how do you put it all together and get to the top mark first?When you are getting ready to race, there is... Continue Reading →

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