Sailing Still a Pandemic Option

As much as we've all been "hunkered down" (some more than others) to avoid contracting COVID 19, I wanted to share that there is still sailing to be had! Much like RV'ing, sailing is something done off by yourself with a (very) small group of people. Wife, Kim, and Daughter, Hailey, on the bow of... Continue Reading →

Does Your Boat Favor One Tack?

My first sailboat was a Buccaneer 18. We had a great racing fleet here in the Phoenix Arizona area and there was a pretty good amount of "local knowledge" about the boat. I began to notice that I seemed to do really well upwind on starboard tack, but was loosing on port tack. After doing... Continue Reading →

Downwind Laser Body Position

The downwind used to be considered the "resting" leg. Not so in the Laser. Here is a great video from the International Sailing Academy on how to use your body position and steering to go faster downwind.

Hull Shape – Why so Beamy?

Hull Shape - Why so Beamy? Sailboat design is going through another revolution, and it's a beamy one. The modern sailboat seems to be skinny and upright with a fine entry up front, then carries her beam well aft. What do I mean by this?Traditionally, the widest point of a boat had been near the... Continue Reading →

Knots and What Knot

One of the most useful skills on a boat is being able to tie the right knot for a situation (or whatever knot the skipper asks for!) Think you know enough? My favorites are: Bowline Cleat Hitch Round Turn with Two Half Hitches Clove Hitch Barrel Knot Go get a piece of line and check... Continue Reading →

Start of Season Laser Tips

  No matter how many videos I watch or how many people I talk to, I almost always get something out of these kinds of discussions. This is RYA's Top Tips video with John Leach (of LP) and Sam Wailey of the British Sailing Team. They take you through checking over your boat after off... Continue Reading →

The Final Straw

As a follow up to yesterday's post on Plastic Pollution, I wanted to take a minute to tell everyone that there are options out there to single use plastics! Here is one that I've already supported and think you should too - The Final Straw. Plastic straws have been in the media lately for their damaging... Continue Reading →

Environmental Impacts of Sailing

Because we turn off our motors as often as we can, most sailors think of our sport as pretty environmentally friendly. I would agree in principle, but challenge everyone to do more.Sailing events from your local beer can races to full on national regattas have impact. Single use plastics, engine exhaust, fouled bilge water, black... Continue Reading →


  Everyone knows Plastic Pollution is a problem for our oceans and waterways (yes...lakes and rivers too!) Now the American Sailing Association (ASA) has decided to jump into the middle of the fight against plastics. Operation Plastic Pollution Purge is underway! The goal is simple. Come back with more plastic than you left with! Take... Continue Reading →

RS21 – A J70 and Viper 640 Competitor

A new competitor in the 19-21' sport-boat space has come out of the UK. Earlier this year RS Sailing launched it's new club racing keel-boat the RS21. With dead simple rigging but a modern design and asymmetrical spinnaker, it is a great entry into the sport-keel-boat space. And at about half the price of a J70, it's... Continue Reading →

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