Match Racing Video Series – Upwind Tactics

We've finally started our match race, but the pressure is still on. One key difference in Match Racing is that mark roundings are to starboard, rather than port. This completely changes the approach, where the controlling position is, and how the rounding is executed. In this video, our narrator Dave Perry, talks about the upwind... Continue Reading →

Match Racing Video Series – The Dial Up

Up to this point, we've gotten into the starting box...NOW WHAT? Are you Yellow or Blue because it matters! This video explains the options available to both boats at the initial meeting forced by the match racing starting rules. (You might have to rewind it a few times to get it all!)

Man Overboard – Chicago Mac 2018

This is a harrowing story of a seasoned sailor, a massive change in conditions, and some serious luck. This is the story of Mark Wheeler aboard Meridian X in the Chicago to Mackinac Island Race who suddenly found himself in the water when the boat was hit by a micro-burst in open water. Spoiler alert... Continue Reading →

How to Manage a Junior Racing Fleet

In our post about Kids and Sailing, we talked about the merits of sailing as a sport for kids. Some kids will want the racing path. How do we manage that responsibly as parents though? I know I don't want to just throw my kid out to race during the regular race season with no supervision.... Continue Reading →

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