Downwind Laser Body Position

The downwind used to be considered the "resting" leg. Not so in the Laser. Here is a great video from the International Sailing Academy on how to use your body position and steering to go faster downwind.

Start of Season Laser Tips

  No matter how many videos I watch or how many people I talk to, I almost always get something out of these kinds of discussions. This is RYA's Top Tips video with John Leach (of LP) and Sam Wailey of the British Sailing Team. They take you through checking over your boat after off... Continue Reading →

Changes to the Laser Hiking Strap Rigging

Rigging in a one-design class is often strictly regulated. Recently, the Laser Class changed one of the rigging rules regarding the hiking strap. The new language says "...the eye straps on the aft face of the cockpit may be rigged in any manner so that the hiking strap is fixed or adjustable and may include one... Continue Reading →

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