PFD – An Honest Discussion

We all know that kids have to wear their PFD while they are on a boat. And we know that adults should also wear theirs too, but we don't. The best advice is to wear it. Period. However, I know that for any of a number of reasons, you won't. So let's discuss this like... Continue Reading →

Sailing Clothing – Bottoms

This should be an easier topic to discuss than it is, but here we are talking about the sailing clothing to keep your backside warm and dry, and the number of choices and the terminology can make it a little overwhelming. For this discussion, I'm going to skip the neoprene genre in lieu of a... Continue Reading →

Spot Gen3 Personal Locator

Even the most competent sailor is safer if they can communicate with those who matter most. The Spot Gen3 is a satelite based communication device that is affordable and provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones back on shore. Watch this short video for an overview of the device.

Gill Regatta Master Watch Video Demo

One of the best feelings when racing sailboats is hitting the start line at full speed at just the right time and winning the start! The Gill Regatta Master Watch is a great looking watch and it has really good countdown features as well. Here is a short demo.

Sailing Clothing – Spray Tops

There are lots of great spray tops out there that will make you sailing more comfortable, but Rooster offers three different types. Here is Steve Cockerill (aka the Boat Whisperer) comparing their offerings.

Top 10 Items I Don’t Leave the Dock Without

Top 10 Items Routinely Packed for Sailing Everyone is going to have their own take on this one, but here are some of my must-haves: Personal Floatation Device- Bring your own, whatever kind. Better yet, wear it. Electrical or Rigging Tape - Various Colors. Keeps shackles closed and ring-dings where they belong. Knife¬†/ Multi-Tool- I... Continue Reading →

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