Boat Bathroom (AKA Marine Head)

Boat Bathroom (AKA Marine Head) There is possibly fewer more important systems on a sailboat than the bathroom. In nautical terms it is the "Marine Head." Modern marine heads are simple to operate but to be a competent sailor, one should know how they work so that it can be repaired in the event that... Continue Reading →

AIS – Not Just for Big Boats Any More

We all know that keeping watch for other vessels and “objects” in the water is one of the basic requirements of good seamanship, whether you’re out on the lake, bay, coastal cruising or making a trans-Atlantic passage.  It’s my 2nd Rule of Sailing, “Don’t hit anything!” (1st Rule: Keep everyone on the boat!). For centuries... Continue Reading →

Types of Rope

"There is no rope on a boat, only line." This is a fun phrase often heard by new sailors but it is only partly true. Rope is cordage that has not yet been given a job. Once you rig it to do something, it is considered line and usually given a specific name. Any rigging... Continue Reading →

Waterproof Sailing Clothing

Layering is key when sailing. You have to have the right number and type of layers to be comfortable, right down to your skivvies. None of that will matter much though if it gets soaked in a squall or from hiking out while splashing through cold waves. In your sailing clothing kit bag, you need... Continue Reading →

Best Wind Forecast Sources

Before sailing, checking the weather forecast is an absolute must for any good sailor. If you just ask Alexa to tell you what the weather is, you don't usually get the most important piece of information you need though, which is wind information. If you are just going for a daysail or even a coastal... Continue Reading →

Sailing Clothing for Kids

Like so many other sports, there is no substitute for having the right gear. And just like so many other sports, kids grow up and out of their expensive gear quickly. Most manufacturers offer reduced pricing on their junior apparel, but let's talk just a minute about why this is so important. I think we... Continue Reading →

Sailing Clothing – Shoes

Whether you are cruising, racing big boats or dinghies, what you wear on your feet matters. As a US Sailing Instructor, our beginning classes require close-toed shoes. If you've ever stepped on a sailboat you probably already know why - Boats BITE! Deck fittings, winches, fairleads all seem to reach out and grab for toes and... Continue Reading →

Warm Weather Sailing Clothing

It may come as no surprise that here at Desert Wind Sailboats we do a lot of warm (hot) weather sailing. The sailing clothing you choose for warmer climes is just as important as the layers you choose for the cold. The sun and the spray have no mercy in the heat of summer. Here... Continue Reading →

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