Best Cruising Sailboats

I'm going to apologize right now. If you are looking for a list of the best cruising boats, you've got the wrong post. Choosing a cruising sailboat is like choosing a good pair of shoes. They have to be comfortable and they have to function in the way that you needs them to function. Similarly,... Continue Reading →

The Mainsheet Traveler Demystified

In most sailing classes, even the Bareboat Charter class, there is very little emphasis put on the Traveler. The traveler is one of my favorite parts of the rigging. When cruising you can use it to make life comfortable for everyone on board. When racing, it is crucial to understand your set up and how... Continue Reading →

Bareboat Chartering

A lot of the new sailors I talk to got into sailing so they could charter a sailboat somewhere like the BVI and make their own adventure. There are a lot of tips about this out there, but here are ours.Planning is key. Planning routes and destinations, then alternate routes and destinations, will give you... Continue Reading →

Anchoring – Can you Dig It?

Anchoring - Can you Dig It? Probably one of the most unnerving things a sailor may have to do is anchor in a busy anchorage, especially overnight. Ironically, this is a key skill for being a competent sailor and even some small dinghy classes like the Buccaneer 18 class require an anchor for class legal... Continue Reading →

Buying a Larger Sailboat

So you've decided that you are a competent enough sailor¬†and that a larger boat suits your lifestyle and your sailing goals. Buying a larger boat can be a little more challenging than buying a small one, mostly because the number of systems involved is much higher. But before we get to mechanical, we need to... Continue Reading →

Cruising Bahamas – a Video

This is a pretty informative video about cruising a sailboat in the Bahamas specifically in and around many of the deserted islands and keys/cays. This is not updated post-2017 Hurricane season, but it gives you an idea of how remote even the heavily traveled Bahamas can be.

Sailboat Cruising

Far more common than a desire to race is a desire to set sail to new destinations and just SAIL! Commonly referred to as Cruising (not to be confused with the massive ships that other people call Cruise Ships), it is a relaxed way to enjoy the¬†beauty of sailing and the comfort and generosity that... Continue Reading →

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