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Cruising Etiquette

I ran across this video and thought it was fun and informative…hope you enjoy!

Laser 4.7 Rig – The Laser Progression

If you aren’t familiar with the Laser, it is a great boat for Juniors all the way up to Octogenarians. There are three sail sizes…4.7, Radial, and Full. All that is required to change between them is the sail, and a different length lower mast. In most major regattas, if you register for the full,… Continue Reading →

Sailing World – Life in the Passing Lane

Came across this little gem of an article on Sailing World’s website. I’ve always said I prefer to be in the “Back of the front than the front of the back” and here are some good ideas on how to do it… SAILING WORLD – Life in the Passing Lane

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