Sailing Still a Pandemic Option

As much as we’ve all been “hunkered down” (some more than others) to avoid contracting COVID 19, I wanted to share that there is still sailing to be had! Much like RV’ing, sailing is something done off by yourself with a (very) small group of people. Part of our Fall Break was a 34′ charter… Continue Reading →

Cruising Etiquette

I ran across this video and thought it was fun and informative…hope you enjoy!

Laser 4.7 Rig – The Laser Progression

If you aren’t familiar with the Laser, it is a great boat for Juniors all the way up to Octogenarians. There are three sail sizes…4.7, Radial, and Full. All that is required to change between them is the sail, and a different length lower mast. In most major regattas, if you register for the full,… Continue Reading →

Sailing World – Life in the Passing Lane

Came across this little gem of an article on Sailing World’s website. I’ve always said I prefer to be in the “Back of the front than the front of the back” and here are some good ideas on how to do it… SAILING WORLD – Life in the Passing Lane

Growing into Lasers

One of my favorite things about the Laser sailboat is the range of sails you can outfit it with. My son had been racing the O’pen Bic (rebranded O’Pen Skiff recently) but he’s grown up over the summer (+30 lbs!). Got him a Laser and the small 4.7 rig and now he and his friend… Continue Reading →

Dinghy Sailing = Quarantining

With the Arizona Yacht Club’s regular season cancelled, the Wednesday Night Thing is back…a little earlier in the year (which makes it a little more heat tolerant!) We had some of our favorite Laser sailors out there, a Sunfish, and a C14.2. Good wind made for a good couple of hours of sailing. In all… Continue Reading →

Where’d we go?

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. We’ve been hard at work supporting sailing! We’ve supported the 2020 Birthday Regatta, the 2019 Buccaneer 18 North American Championship Regatta, we took a crew to the 2019 Mission Bay One Design Regatta as well as the 2020 California Laser Master’s Championship! We brought in… Continue Reading →

Long Beach Race Week 2019!

  Team Cactus League is headed to Long Beach Race Week again! Here is our line up: Helm: Joel Hurley Main Trim: Dave Rawstrom Headsail Trim: Josh McClain Headsail Trim: Dave Newland Grinder: Toby Ambrose Grinder: Matt Baker Pit: Grant Younger Mast: Heather McClain Bow: Rob Gibbs Coach/Tactician: Matt Rustigan Look for our iconic blue… Continue Reading →


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