Sailing Still a Pandemic Option

As much as we’ve all been “hunkered down” (some more than others) to avoid contracting COVID 19, I wanted to share that there is still sailing to be had! Much like RV’ing, sailing is something done off by yourself with a (very) small group of people.

Wife, Kim, and Daughter, Hailey, on the bow of our Fall Break Escape on “Merry Time”

Part of our Fall Break was a 34′ charter from Long Beach to Catalina Island. We cooked on the boat all but one night, and when we did go ashore, we got out of the “main drag” that was Avalon and went hiking.

Avalon from near the Wrigley Home

Recently I also had the pleasure of team teaching on a 43′ Catamaran out of Long Beach as well. The students were known to us and were all practicing good quarantine / mask wear protocols prior to the trip. We had a great couple of days of sailing and students earned their ASA 114 Certification (Catamaran Charter).

Arriving late in the evening to our instructional charter

I sincerely hope you all are taking care and being safe during this unusual time. As we are all looking for an escape, don’t forget the Cruising Life is a great way to get away!

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