Where’d we go?


Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. We’ve been hard at work supporting sailing!

We’ve supported the 2020 Birthday Regatta, the 2019 Buccaneer 18 North American Championship Regatta, we took a crew to the 2019 Mission Bay One Design Regatta as well as the 2020 California Laser Master’s Championship!

We brought in two almost new Sunfish from the Worlds held in Bonaire last year, as well as helped several people find and transport Lasers to town. We partnered with the ASU Sailing Team and got them 3 new suits of sails for their CFJs and helped them transport some newer, better boats in to Tempe Town Lake. Oh, and then there is the whole “Commodore of the Yacht Club” thing. After a good two year run, that ends this May. We are excited about how much time that will free up here later this year.

We have LBRW 2020 in the Catalina 37 fleet on tap for this summer and we’re supporting the local Sea Scouts for their big “Poseidon” event in April. We’re also teaching the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge for Troop 653 this spring as well.

Looking forward providing more frequent updates to everyone as the year progresses!

20190921_184754 (2)

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