RS21 – A J70 and Viper 640 Competitor

A new competitor in the 19-21′ sport-boat space has come out of the UK. Earlier this year RS Sailing launched it’s new club racing keel-boat the RS21. With dead simple rigging but a modern design and asymmetrical spinnaker, it is a great entry into the sport-keel-boat space. And at about half the price of a J70, it’s economical as well.

RS21 Keelboat – Technical Development

 With optional retractable Torqeedo sail drive system and a “legs in” approach to sailing, this comfortable and well balanced sailboat is gaining traction in Europe and the first ones were delivered to the US in the spring. These boats were also designed with traveling in mind. Six boats can be stacked in a 40′ container (which is a lot for this size of boat). There is also a road trailer available as well.

See what some of the best RYA Dinghy Sailors had to say about this quick and nimble keel-boat in the video below.

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