Extreme Sailing Series – More Foiling Catamarans!

Extreme Sailing San Diego

Photo courtesy of Extreme Sailing’s Facebook Page.

It seems like you can put a foil on just about anything these days, but after talking with Matt Reynolds, an accomplished sailor, and CEO of Sailing Events Association (SEA), foiling is not just something you pick up one weekend and do for fun. If you’re going to foil, you better practice, or be a really good swimmer. This kind of sailing is pushing our notion of what sailboat racing can be!

SEA is part of bringing the Extreme Sailing Series to San Diego for the second year in a row. The Extreme Sailing Series is a professional race series for nothing more than trophies and to bring the spectacle of sailing to the masses. The focus on “stadium sailing” venues make these events special. Sailors and non-sailors alike show up to see close competition in boats that are arguably the leading edge of our sport.

The other thing that makes this really special is that you can be part of the racing. That’s right; you can ride on one of the GC32 foiling catamarans during a race! The event organizers do all that they can to get people up close and personal with the teams and the boats. See how you can be part of the action in San Diego!

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