Product Spotlight – Pilot Series from Gill

New for summer is a lighter waterproof line suitable for inshore cruising adventures. Why do you need a coat in the summer you ask? Well, what you wear when you sail really matters, and it is always cooler on the water. Also, summer brings those familiar squalls. This lighter layer will be comfortable for you to wear in warmer climates, when a cool afternoon squall comes through and you’re “stuck” on deck (if you aren’t otherwise using it to shower!)

Gill Pilot Range Women's Jacket

Starting with the jacket, it is a two layer jacket to keep it lighter and less bulky. You can use it on it’s own or with an additional layer to extend it’s useful life into cooler parts of the year. A high collar keeps out spray and the sleeves have adjustable cuffs so you can close out the rain while you are working on deck. It performs well at sea or on shore while exploring a new destination.

The integrated hood rolls out from the collar and rolls back up easily. It also has reflective detail on teh front and back for added visibility. Both versions have a an internal double storm guard on the front zipper to ensure that the water stays out. It is a “soft to the touch” fabric. It comes in 3 colors in men’s and 3 other colors for the ladies.

IN81T_Pilot-Trousers_Graphite_1A little less glamorous but no less useful is Gill’s Pilot Trouser. This piece is also lighter weight for warmer climates, but easily extended into cooler months with a full length base layer. A high, adjustable waistband is essential as it fits neatly under the Pilot jacket. Ankle closures ensure water doesn’t get back up the leg whether you are in the dinghy going to shore for dinner or hiking out during the Wednesday night beer can races. Two pockets with external drainage ensure you soggy dollars don’t get you wet.

Get our full Definitive Guide to Sailing Clothing today!

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