Sailing Clothing for Kids

Girl sailing having fun

Like so many other sports, there is no substitute for having the right gear. And just like so many other sports, kids grow up and out of their expensive gear quickly. Most manufacturers offer reduced pricing on their junior apparel, but let’s talk just a minute about why this is so important.

I think we all agree that sailing teaches kids (and adults) all kinds of life lessons. As adults, we understand the value of being out on the water, in your boat, just you or maybe with a friend, and being in control of your own destiny. But if your kid is cold, soaking wet, and miserable, the only life lesson they are going to learn is that sailing isn’t fun.

One suggestion is to work with your local sailing club and even just the parents of the kids in the program to build a pool of “doesn’t fit my kid anymore” clothing. When something doesn’t fit but is still in good shape, donate it to that pool (or keep it for their younger siblings). That way parents don’t always have to buy the all the pieces every time.

Another suggestion is to work with a local retailer on a gear rental program. That way every season they have the right size gear, and if they have a growth spurt and need a larger size, all you have to do is take it in and get the right size!

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