My Favorite Sailing Thing of the Week – Boat B&B

So this is a kind of cool concept that I’ve run across. I’m traveling in April for a sailing course, and it is hosted right at the local Yacht Club right at the marina. As you might imagine, hotels near a great marina are a bit pricey. My family uses VRBO a few times a year, and I had heard about “Boat B&B” before, but never really thought about it. So I googled it. And sure enough, for 1/3 the price (in most cases) of a hotel room, I was able to book a boat to stay on for the weekend on Air B&B. Rules usually stipulate that you can’t leave the dock, but I’m not going to have time for that anyway. I just needed a cheap place to stay within walking distance of the class! What a great way to introduce someone to the marina lifestyle!

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