Top 10 Items I Don’t Leave the Dock Without

Top 10 Items Routinely Packed for Sailing

Everyone is going to have their own take on this one, but here are some of my must-haves:

Personal Floatation Device– Bring your own, whatever kind. Better yet, wear it.

Electrical or Rigging Tape – Various Colors. Keeps shackles closed and ring-dings where they belong.

Knife / Multi-Tool– I have one on my PFD and a spare in my bag. 

Extra Line– Nothing crazy, a little Dyneema and maybe something larger on a bigger boat.

Gloves– And maybe a spare pair for multi-day events or trips.

Personal First Aid Kit– One that covers the cuts, scratches, and minor stuff. The boat should have a bigger one depending on the size and number of crew.

Shackles and Ring Dings– Handy to have in a pinch.

Handheld VHF– Lots of reasons for this one. Make sure it floats, is waterproof, and charged up.

Dry Change of Clothes– this one may actually wait for me in the truck…whether at the end of a day of racing on after a few days offshore. Keep one set of clothes for going home.

Drybag– To keep it all in. 

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