5 Reasons Racing Small Sailboats is Better

Wet, cold, tippy, cramped…I’ve heard every complaint in the book on why little boats are a pain in the backside. The reality is everyone has their favorite kind of sailing and racing, but racing in small boats is better…here’s why…

  1. You learn more. First and foremost, you learn more about sailing small boats than any large boat. You are more connected to the kinetics involved in sailing and your body learns faster and to a more fine degree what changes in trim and steering do.
  2. You race more! Smaller boats typically have shorter courses and get more races in. That means more starting, more upwind, more downwind, just MORE!
  3. Easier. No, not easier to sail, just easier to GO SAILING MORE. It doesn’t take a big production and calling 5 friends to go get out on the water. Just rig and go!
  4. They are physical. They will keep you physically fit and are great exercise.
  5. Costs Less. Small boats cost less to buy, operate, store, repair, and crew.

And they’re just more fun!

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