4 Steps to Getting the Right Size Sailing Gear

Getting the right size products can sometimes seem challenging, especially given that many garments are made in Europe and follow what is called European Sizing guidelines. For Americans, that mean’s it’s probably at least one size too small! Ouch! How Frustrating!

Fear not. The best way to size your gear, if you can’t go to the store and just try stuff on, is to go to the manufacturer’s website. They invariably have sizing charts. Even for gloves.

The other thing to consider is what layer is it. Typically a “base layer” is going to be designed to fit close to the body so that it transfers heat and sweat efficiently. If you don’t want that you may consider sizing up. Conversely, your outer layer will almost always be sized with the assumption that you will be layering underneath. If you are just using it to stay dry and don’t need to layer, then you may consider downsizing a half size or so.

So here are the three steps to getting the size right:

  1. Find a flexible tape measure. One a tailor uses would be optimal, but any small, flexible tape measure will do.
  2. Find the manufacturer’s sizing chart. It should tell you how to measure what.
  3. Measure yourself and compare with the chart. Use that as your baseline.
  4. If you want a different fit for that layer then adjust accordingly.

If you have questions or problems you can always call us. Sail Fast, not cold!

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